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Andrew started coding way back in the days of the Z80 and has been a professional developer for some 19 years. He normally specialises in large systems, but over time tinkers with smaller projects to do cool stuff, or are just something that he thinks should be easy to do and sets out to find out whether it is.

This website provides an opportunity to share these small projects with others, and he also welcomes ideas for what people would like.

I develop using ASP.NET and C# with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, and can manage MS SQL and My SQL integration. Most of my websites make use of Ajax to allow the site to update dynamically without page flicker. Since Ajax is javascript based it allows the creation of websites that can do clever stuff that is often only otherwise possible in Java or Flash, and not all computers of course have this.
I hope to be able to offer the various pages either free or for a small fee, custom jobs can be taken on, the cost will vary and no tight deadlines are wanted as this site is my hobby rather than day job.

Please feel free to contact me at