Check the status of your postcode with respect to the Superfast Devon and Somerset broadband roll-out.

Includes whether cabinet is live, or planned for during 2014.

Connecting Devon and Somerset are rolling out superfast broadband and in addition to various maps has issued a list of postcodes, this checker parses the table for you and makes checking a lot easier.

The CDS website has their own pretty maps, but it can be difficult to find a specific property.

New spreadsheet of postcodes added on 4th July 2014, to ensure that the checker remains up to date with the actual roll-out.

The list will show also if the postcode was considered to be served by a fibre service (i.e. LIVE) via the project as of June 2014.

Please supply your full postcode (e.g. TA4 3AW)
(Based on July 2014 data) (may take a few seconds)

A dynamic map of the postcodes with zoom has been created and is at

This map should work on mobiles, tablets and computers, but be aware as there are several thousand data points it may take a few seconds to load.

Image of postcodes supplied by Connecting Devon and Somerset Project with estimated speeds

Map of Devon and Somerset with FTTC speeds
Click image to view a full resolution copy of the map at 2415x1869 pixels

Privacy: No postcode information entered is recorded, it used once to compare against the list held on the server.
This checker does not add any cookies to your computer, other than those required for Google Adwords.