Calculate Fixed Line Broadband Average Speed

This page allows you to adjust various variables to estimate an average speed across the technologies featured.

By allowing people to adjust the many variables you can project what speeds will be available in the future, or estimate the speed in other European countries based on finanical reports.

Performance for FTTC and ADSL2+ based services is based around UK data

Our broadband assumption is that any remaining fixed line customers are on an ADSL2+ based product


The number of fixed line broadband customers is: 22984000
The average speed for cable customers is: 61 Mbps
The average speed for FTTC customers is: 46 Mbps
The average speed for FTTP/FTTH customers is: 370 Mbps
The average speed for ADSL/ADSL2+ customers is: 9 Mbps

Based on the figures you have entered the average speed is 23.7 Mbps

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