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Calculate Average Broadband Speeds

Given how many have FTTC/FTTP or cable calculate the average across a country.

Soundtrack of an Openreach fibre cabinet

People ask how noisy the fttc kit is, well have a listen.

Superfast Berkshire BDUK Fibre Based Broadband Roll-out and Speed Estimates

Speeds estimates for planned, live and under survey cabinets.

Hampshire County Council BDUK Fibre Based Broadband Speed Estimates

Speeds estimated for cabinets where FTTC has been delivered.

Isle of Wight Fibre Based Broadband Speed Estimates

Speeds estimated on the assumption that every cabinet gets a fibre twin.

Suffolk Superfast Broadband BDUK Map

Updated with July 2014 data, giving estimates of likely speeds for the postcodes which are live or have plans in the system.

Devon and Somerset Broadband Project Postcode Checker

Updated with July 2014 data, a simple web based lookup system, including a map giving estimated speeds for each postcode.

Connecting Devon and Somerset Superfast Broadband BDUK Map

Updated with July 2014 data, showing where CDS project has announced its plans and which postcodes are live.

Superfast Cornwall Broadband Project Map (including FTTP)

Updated with June 2014 data, showing the extent of the live postcoded and future plans.

Headley Down Fibre Based Broadband Speed Estimates

Speeds estimated on the assumption that every cabinet gets a fibre twin.

ADSL/ADSL2+ Speed Calculator

Want to know whether you are getting the right speeds from your ADSL or ADSL2+ connection use this calculator to do the hard work.

How to find your ADSL router statistics

Confused on how to get attenuation and other data from your ADSL/ASDL2+ router we can help.

How to access test socket on Openreach master socket

Got the latest Interstitial VDSL2 faceplate and need help to find the test socket

Classification of postcodes for Greater Manchester

Check how a specific postcode is classified in the BDUK/Greater Manchester project to provide basic broadband for all and superfast broadband for many others.

Ofcom postcode data 2012

Check what speeds Ofcom believes your postcode can attain, based on summer 2012 data.

Surrey super fast broadband checker

Check the rough time scale for when superfast broadband will be available in your part of Surrey

Fibre Broadband Checker

Cross reference against 2011 Openreach fibre roll-out plans

Warwickshire Broadband Checker

Check your postcode against the Warwickshire superfast database

NI Broadband Postcode Checker

Check whether a Northern Ireland postcode is already known as a slow-spot

Pictures of full fibre FTTH/P kit

Lots of pictures of FTTP kit taken at BT Milton Keynes

Fibre Pictures including overhead FTTP in Cornwall

Mixture of FTTC and FTTP hardware pictures from Cornwall August 2012

Guide on how to configure DGN2200 as a Wireless Access Point

How to configure a broadband router to operate as a wireless access point

Setting up DMZ on a Sky Sagem 2504n router for a games console

Where the DMZ option is hidden on the Sky broadband router


Tool that lets you show what you are listening to with Windows Media Player

Zoom performance of a Sony HX200V digital camera

Sample shots showing capabilities of digicam

Stowe Gardens Photos

Gallery of photos from Stowe Landscape Gardens in Buckinghamshire

Hughenden Manor

Autumn colour at Manor just north of High Wycombe

Stourhead photos on iPhone5

Showing off what you can do with a iPhone5 camera

Wakehurst Place, National Seed Bank

First trip with Sony HX200V (includes EXIF info)

Wakehurst Place with a Sony HX200V

Some pictures showing off the HX200V creative modes

iPhone4 compared to Samsumg Galaxy SII

Simple comparison of size of the two phones