Checker exists so that those in Greater Manchester can check the classification of their postcode with respect to the BDUK/Greater Manchester Better Broadband Project

Greater Manchester has issued this list of postcodes as part of its consultation for its 2015 basic and superfast broadband project.

We have taken the list of postcodes and made them easy to check, rather than having to scroll around the maps they provide on their own website.

IMPORTANT: This check is referring to whether superfast broadband at 30 Mbps or faster will be available via a commercial operator, if you have reason to believe a postcode will not get superfast broadband or its classification for a basic (2 Mbps) service is wrong, then give the council your feedback via the open consultation running on

Those areas shown as not getting basic broadband via a commercial operator, should see intervention via the Greater Manchester project to supply superfast broadband or the basic 2 Mbps USC service. If basic broadband is available, but superfast broadband is not available then until the procurrement process has completed we cannot say for certain if you will get superfast broadband via the project.

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Privacy: No postcode information entered is recorded, it used just once to compare against the list held on the server.
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