National Trust Trip - October 2011

Autumn at Stowe Landscape Gardens
in Buckinghamshire.

First Temple you see as you enter the gardens. Obelisk located just North of the park. Zoomed view of the Obelisk that is outside the park. View looking North East along valley. Temple surrounded by trees and shrubs. View from Grecian Valley of Temple. View looking South West down valley. The varied colours of autumn leaves. View of valley from a woodland path. Looking South West down valley. View of Obelisk from within Grecian valley. Spindly and almost bare trees. Two statues along Northen edge of Grecian Valley Down the line view of the two statues. Showing the varying translucency of autumn leaves. Focus set to mid-range to give a good mixture of Autumn colour. Woodland walk. Small momunent that appears at end of path. View of Obelisk through centre of monument. Cheerful looking bust. Cheerful looking bust. Four rams heads inside the roof of a monument. Glorious Autumn day with clear blue sky. Green valley leading up to Temple. Long October shadhows. View of pillar down dark woodland walk. Room and statue on top of pillar, framed by trees. Tree with almost no trunk, just twisted branches. More open view of pillar. One of four lions on Lord Cobham's Pillar. Looking up pillar from its base. Another lion from pillar, this time lit by sun. View of Pillar and its surrounding paths. Close up of statue on top of pillar. Plaque in clearing filled with Saxon Dieties. Statue of a Saxon God. Statue of a Saxon God. Statue of a Saxon God. Diety or a statue of Maggie from Simpsons? Statue of a Saxon God. Statue of a female Saxon God. Group photo. Group photo. View of Deities as you walk away from them. View over field towards Octagon Lake. Temple reserved for ladies, faces Temple of Friendship. The other temple visible from Queen's Temple. Glimpse of Gothic Temple. Magnificent Gothic Temple. River that leads down towards Octagon Lake. Ripples in fountain. The three teirs of the fountain. Water drops caught in a moment of time. View up field to Gothic Temple. Glimpse of column across valley. View of column including river and valley. Globe monument in middle of river. Closer view of the globe and lettering around circumference. Shows setting of Cook's Monument with Captain Grenville's Monument. Old unused river crossing now hidden in greenery. Busts of great people from British history. View across lush green lawn to bridge. Simple temple in the grounds. View across lake of temple. Sheep, trees and a gothic masterpiece. Largest temple in garden, and commands skyline. Bridge across the Octagon lake. Crossing over river to Elysian Fields. Gaggle of geese. Taking a dip looking for food. Reflection from trees and a tree stump under the water. Monument on island in middle of lake. Greensward running up to temple. View of bridge as you approach it. Symmetry of construction in reflection. Still water and sunshine completing arch to circle. Temple with Lord Cobham's Column over horizon. Temple with clear blue sky backdrop. View of ducks from Palladian Bridge down lake. Ornate ceiling in bridge with sunlight bouncing off water. Arched entrance to the bridge. Bridge with backdrop of green fields and clear blue sky. Fish that sits atop roof apex. House with in a corner of the park. Simple painting that survives weather on outside of house. Lovely painting that is on house. Fading painting on the inside of the house. Side view of paintings on the house. Sun glinting off golden fish at Chinese House. Close up of tree roots. Derelict temple, floors have given way, revealing kitchen underneath. Reverse view of an earlier picture across valley. Bridge and its setting against backdrop of trees. Glimple of monument on island. Simple alcove with pebbles set into cement. Deliberately created ruin that splits the two main lakes. Another monument on an island. Urn on its island setting. Two geese. First glimpse of the house. Pillared pavilion on path. View across tranquil lake. View up lawn to main house. Companion building to Eastern building. Down the line view of Eastern and Western Pavilions. Magnificent arch in parkland and is first thing you see when driving onto estate from Buckingham. Leafy Walk with golden trees. Sun directly behind temple so in shadow. View of building with golden statue at centre. School and Rotunda across Eleven Acre Lake. View down tranquil lake. Head of goose. Geese chasing someone for food. Fake ruins and waterfall linking the two lakes. View up park to pavilions that mark current entrance to park. Statue on southern edge of park. Rotunda in centre of lawn. Easy to miss building, viewed across Eleven Acre Lake. Swan gliding over lake. Waterfall feeding Eleven Acre Lake from Octagon Lake. Three geese flying over lake. Geese about to land on lake. Now with other geese on the lake. View of bridge from fake ruins. Swan in middle of arch leading out to Eleven Acre Lake. Temple at top of Elysian Fields. View down Elysian Fields to Temple of British Worthies. Column on approaches to Stowe House. View of statue at top of column. Was closed, but inside is a peaceful fountain. Side view of temple.

Produced using Galleria.

All pictures taken using a Canon S3IS.