Configuring NETGEAR Wireless-N 300 Modem Router DGN2200 to operate as a Wireless Access Point in conjunction with another router.


Checking What IP Address to Use.
Set the IP address on the DGN2200 outside main DHCP range
Disable the DHCP server on the DGN2200
Connect the DGN2200 to main router via Ethernet and use


It is easiest if you leave your PC to get its IP Configuration Automatically i.e. via DHCP when doing this reconfiguration.

Checking What IP Address to Use

At this point you should be connected to your main router, the one that is providing your internet connection. Most routers have a simple web interface often located at, the address varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, so check your manual or turn router over as most have default access IP address or name on the base e.g. for Netgear routers it is

We recommend using Ethernet to do all this configuration it is very easy when using wireless to forget which device you are connected to and get into a muddle.

Once you have connected to the main routers web interface, find the page where the IP range used for the DHCP server in the router is located. Below is an example from an AVM Fritzbox 7390. The page is invariably located in the LAN settings area.

Checking main router DHCP range
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The main router we are using hands out IP address in the range to so we would be safe to manually set the DGN2200 to use any IP address between to We will pick the IP address for this demonstration.

Setting the IP Address on the DGN 2200

Now disconnect the Ethernet from your main router (our Fritzbox) and connect to a yellow Ethernet port on the DGN2200.

Navigate to the web interface on the DGN2200 i.e. or

Netgear Router Menu
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In the left hand menu once logged in, select LAN Setup in the Advanced Section.

Netgear Router LAN Setup Page
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The setting we need to change is the LAN TCP/IP and the IP Address. So let’s change that to

Netgear Router LAN Setup Page
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Then click APPLY and the router will then take about a minute to update its settings, and ask you to log back into the web interface after the reboot.

Disable DHCP Server

Before you disable the DHCP server it is worth making a note somewhere of the IP address you gave the DGN2200. A sticker underneath the router is a good idea, as this means in 6 months’ time you don’t have to totally reset the router if you want to get access to it again.

To turn off the DHCP server simple ensure the Use Router as DHCP Server tick box is not ticked.

Netgear Router Turning Off DHCP Server
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Click APPLY and the router will display the following warning:

Netgear Router DHCP Off Warning
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The popup means that because you have turned off DHCP the computer will lose access to the router after you press the OK button. On clicking OK you will get the standard update settings progress bar.

Connect the DGN2200 to your main router


If you have been using the USB port to share data on a USB drive, this should still work with the usual proviso that the Workgroup name set in the routers web interface matches the Workgroup name that is set on your LAN.